The Great Bear Rainforest by Ian and Karen McAllister

The Great Bear Rainforest by Ian and Karen McAllister

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If you are interested in learning more about conservation of this important area and its wildlife, we invite you to read The Great Bear Rainforest, by Ian and Karen McAllister with Cameron Young. This coffee table book offers the reader an in-depth view of this remarkable but long overlooked area. Winner of the B.C. Bookseller’s Choice Award, the book has now been reprinted with a new cover and updated postscript.

Praise for The Great Bear Rainforest

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, the 150 images captured by the McAllisters’ cameras present an almost insurmountable obstacle to those who would argue that there is nothing special or unique about the north coast. Make no mistake. This book will be a prize winner.”  - VANCOUVER SUN

“[The Great Bear Rainforest] is an area of unparalleled natural splendour, as the McAllisters show through inspiring photography and personal recollections of seven years of journeying by trimaran to the coastal rainforest.” - CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC 

“Ian and Karen McAllister, with their collaborator Cameron Young, have produced a splendid guided tour through the Great Bear Rainforest, a well-written expose of past and pending extinctions, and a reasoned proposal for leaving enough space for big trees and big bears to survive together.” -NATURE CANADA

“This beautiful book on an endangered corner of British Columbia that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls ‘the planet’s last large expanse of coastal temperate rainforest’ includes wilderness photos that would move even the most stone-hearted timber magnate to sorrow.” - UTNE READER

“A book can still change the world. Ian and Karen McAllister’s The Great Bear Rainforest, co-authored with Cameron Young, is having a major impact around the world.” - B.C. BOOKWORLD

By: Ian and Karen McAllister
Images: Ian McAllister
Introduction by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Publisher: Harbour Publishing
Hardcover, Pub. date September 1997
ISBN 978-1-55017-166-2 · 1-55017-166-6